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Automated Testing in LabVantage LIMS - Webinar from January 30th, 2024


Where is FrontWell’s automated testing solution applicable?

We currently optimized the solution for automated regression testing in LabVantage LIMS, but it can be adapted to any test set for any web-based system. 

What is the advantage of FrontWell’s solution over typical automated testing in e.g. Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps provides automated testing but lacks details and root cause analysis capability. Our solution reports results for individual test steps, adds attachments and screenshots of each test step for documentation, grabs and attaches LabVantage log steps when test steps fail, and enters data as test step comments (such as sample id, batch id, etc.).

What does the backend look like? In which language and framework are the test cases written?

Selenium and C# 

Which efficiency gains can we expect if we implement FrontWell’s automated testing?

We have observed efficiency improvements of 1500% when we compared manual testing to our solution.

Do you have/sell a standard set of automated tests for LabVantage?

Our current approach is to fit the initial tests to the customer’s actual workflow and all customizations/configurations made. The efforts are lower for customers who are only using OOB functionality.

How long does the initial set-up by FrontWell Solutions take?

Depending on complexity of your tests, 4-6 weeks to set up the initial framework, conduct POC and finetune the test suite, followed by monthly test case maintenance (if required).

Can we maintain test cases ourselves?

Yes, you can if you have a technical expert in your team. FWS can provide a monthly service budget in case you need our assistance.

Paul Kramer

Assoc. Director Commercial Excellence


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