Whitepaper: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Record-Keeping

March 19, 2024 by
FrontWell Solutions GmbH, Justin James

Are you planning to digitize Logbooks or any sort of record-keeping in GxP Environments? If so, then this Whitepaper and future Webinar on the same topic is exactly made for you.

Our own Pharma Digitalization Expert Justin James has done a great job summarizing his experience in this field in the Whitepaper, which can be downloaded here: 

📃 Whitepaper:  Whitepaper Digitalize Logbook 

The Live Webinar to the same topic will be in May.
We will provide the exact details soon.

Reach out to us at ReachUs@frontwell-solutions.com to request more info
and/or an intro meeting.

 Author: Justin James

FrontWell Solutions GmbH, Justin James March 19, 2024
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