Our presentation at Hannover Messe

April 27, 2023 by
Our presentation at Hannover Messe
FrontWell Solutions GmbH

Containers are designed to be lightweight and fast, which allows them to be created and started quickly. This makes it easy to spin up new instances and reduce the time required for installation.

During their presentation at Hannover Messe last week, our consultants Jan Grlica and Bilel Elhamemi presented how quickly you can go from nothing to a fresh instance available for test, development or productive use on the Critical Manufacturing MES, a great solution for discrete manufacturing.

In addition, they demonstrated live how to upload pre-configured master data, a very user-friendly way to configure the Critical Manufacturing MES via text based files. This enables users to prepare data from various sources and then easily map it to the MES and use the new instance immediately (e.g., running an inspection plan).

Good job, Bilel & Jan!

If you'd like to see a recording of the presentation, please reach out to us at :



Our presentation at Hannover Messe
FrontWell Solutions GmbH April 27, 2023
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